This Blog, That Blog

I started a new blog.

I don’t plan on abandoning this one that you’re reading, because this is different. I’m documenting a lot of my writing journey here. And sometimes I will even blog about writing the other blog. This blog has my rules. It isn’t intended to entertain or make money.

The other one is a professional blog. The other one will align itself with blogging expectations, seek out a following, pursue publication, etc. if I become famous, it will probably hold more weight.

So why didn’t I do the other one to begin with?

  1. I didn’t know what I was doing. I’d just started my career as a freelance writer and editor.  I’ve remained fairly consistent, but this blog was intended to get me going, professionally and blog-wise.
  2. I try to only make commitments I know I can keep. I’d had a couple of ideas about blog topics (specifically camping and wine club), but I didn’t feel longevity, marketability, or a path to success I wanted to follow. I also didn’t want to scour the internets a for similar blogs for research and networking purposes. I didn’t like the options and there’s only so much I can study about wine and camping without getting paid.
  3.  I wasn’t sure where blogging fit in to my career, daily schedule, etc. I didn’t want to spend time witting and  researching for a blog that didn’t align with my other efforts. It’s way better to write about what you’re already writing about. I didn’t have direction for my speciality at the time. So I started a blog that would include fiction writing, editing, web writing, etc., and didn’t focus on one topic of genre.

Those are basics. So why am I doing it now?

I get it now. Or I get it better. I know where my passion lies. I know I will never tire of writing about/for it. I can see marketability and target audience. I’m already writing about it in my fiction writing. And because I’m so passionate about it, I now have a release for my thoughts.

Though there are some in my Facebook friends who are the target audience, there’s no reason to offer it to everyone. This happens a lot. I want to write, go back and forth about it, and decide it isn’t the right forum. I’ve even posted a couple of times on this blog with some hesitation, because I knew it deviated from this blog’s purpose.

Basically, it was time. I couldn’t not do it. And once I started it, everything fell into place. Like it was just waiting for me to be ready.

So, introducing The Beloved Clearing, work in progress. In the midst of the world, may this be an open space where women can see their value clearly.


What are you thinking after reading this post? What is your response to these thoughts?

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