Web Writing Well Done

Making steak isn’t hard. Making a good steak requires time and attention. But making great steak is an art. And so it is with writing.

Here’s a few tips to keep your writing flavorful and satisfying!

Choice cuts You can get a sirloin anywhere, but the best steakhouses will also offer tenderloin or ribeye. Make sure your content isn’t generic, but it’s actually helpful. Even if it’s a topic everyone writes about, prepare it in an exceptional way.

The Customer is Always Right I know steak is best served right in between medium and medium rare, but if I am making steak for someone else, they’re likely going to want it cooked differently. Be yourself in your writing, let your personality shine through, but consider your audience may not like the same things you do, and they’ve come with certain expectations.

Give ’em what they want If I go to a restaurant to get a steak, I need to be able to find the exact steak I want. I don’t need fancy names that force me to read every description on the menu. Make sure your titles and headings are what the reader is looking for. Ask yourself, if I wanted this information, what would I be Googling?

Quality over quantity There’s a reason they give free T-shirts for eating giant steaks, eating that much meat is dumb. Since there are no such contests for web readers, make sure your word count is no more than 1,250 words. An ideal length is 500-750 words.

Manageable bites Not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of meat to be able to chew and enjoy. Each block (paragraph) should have two or three sentences focused on one idea. Each sentence should have even smaller amounts of info. Starting a sentence with and, but, or, etc., is acceptable.

Trimming the fat Sometimes a little fat makes a steak juicier and more flavorful, but we don’t like eating a lot of it. Well, your web readers don’t want to read unessential words, either. Check for repetition, redundancy, fluff phrases (like I believe, you should, all in all, etc.). If you can take a word or phrase out of a sentence and the sentence doesn’t lose the integral meaning, do it.

Cutting your bites carefully If you don’t make sure you cut your steak all the way through, you may have two pieces stuck together awkwardly. Making for really awkward chewing. In your writing, you are going to want to separate big ideas with clear headers. And make sure each bite is about the same size.

Set the table You can jump right into the meat like a cave man, or you can set the table with appropriate utensils, plate, sides and sauces. Likewise, readers are given tools for devouring and expectations for the main course in the introduction. Create a well-crafted, balanced introduction to the problem and how you are going to approach the solution.

Clean the plate The meal is finished, but we still have clean up, relish the delicious meal we ate, and thank the chef! In your conclusion, you’re going to want to tie everything together, show the relevance of the information you gave them. You may even provide resources for further study.

Make yourselves at home! You want readers to stay, so give them a reason! Provide links to other relevant articles ON THE SITE so they find the great resources available on the site.

Y’all come back now! You want readers to stay and return. End your article with a call to action. Something tangible, even if it’s a pointed question. And whet their appetite with future articles!

Give your readers something to chew on, something delicious and nutritious and great quality. They’re much more likely to make you their favorite steak house.


What are you thinking after reading this post? What is your response to these thoughts?

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