I Am Not a Grammar Snob, But There Is a Better Way to Write


I. Love. This.
Yes, I know the grammar rules. Yes, I use the correct rules when writing. BUT that has nothing to do with good writing.
Good writing is communicating effectively to the audience.
If I am writing to grammar snobs, I would use proper grammar to not distract them from the important information in the writing.
But if my reader knows what I am saying even if I am not following the rules, grammar rules don’t really matter. What matters is you understand your reader and their expectations and communicate effectively.
Standards such as these were created to separate those who know from those who don’t know. It’s elitist and usually racist and sexist. What I love love love about this video is it points out grammar rules are used to shut people up. Don’t shut up just because you aren’t playing the game others have demanded you play.
Ok. I’m going to address the word “literally.” I dislike the “informal” use of the word to add emphasis. Not because it’s “wrong.” I am ok with words changing meaning. “They” is now an acceptable singular, gender neutral pronoun. That is fantastic! Cool means interesting and fun and popular. I love that.
But the informal use of “literally” is a cheap trick. Just like the word “very,” it’s a lazy way to communicate strength of emotion. “Very big” would be better as enormous or giant or monstrous. On the other hand, using the word in front of a descriptive word, like “literally furious” undermines the potency of the word “furious” which is adequate in itself.
This isn’t grammar snobbery. This is considering how to best communicate with your audience. And as a general rule, if you can use one word to do the work of two, you should use the one word.

What are you thinking after reading this post? What is your response to these thoughts?

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