More Finding My Niche (aka what I know, what I am good at, and what I like)

Well, hello there! Long time no see…and it’s my fault. This summer my husband (a teacher) and kids were home and we lavished in being together. So my work kind of fell off a cliff. I tried holding on, but I got distracted and let go.

Now I have to pick up those pieces and need to keep this in mind for next year. Scheduled blogs need to be written ahead of time. If I have other work, I need to remove myself (or everyone else) from the house and get it done.

Anyway, last week I said no to monthly money. One of my clients is a business I know pretty much nothing about. It spans industries in finance, insurance, sales, and cars. With few others in its industry to model. I don’t know or understand the target audience(s) who are varied. I am pretty much lost.

I could get there. I could become an expert in it. I would write some good copy. But it would take at least twice as much energy and probably five times as much research in the beginning. And I don’t like any of those industries. And, I’m charging them minimum for the quality of blog posts I provide.

Basically, it isn’t worth the effort.

Two major lessons for me here:

First, when I thought I may not writing blogs for that and other businesses (miscommunication issue), I was pretty stressed about losing the business. BUT I felt relief over not having to write those specific blogs. So when we reconciled, I was upfront with them (which I can’t help but do) about not wanting to write those.

Second, I better understand my niche(s). Education, workforce development, business, marketing, web marketing, writing (of course), personal development, family, outdoors activity, professional development, arts, and social justice specifically in race, income, and gender.  When assigned topics within these categories, I have little difficulty and a lot of fun researching and writing. And there are many others categories/industries, I assume, but these have just come across my desk.

But I am the type of person who loves learning. So it would be easier to eliminate niche(s) than collect. And business, finance, insurance, and I would even say agency are on the “I really don’t care” list. And what’s the point of being a freelance writer if you still have to write about what you don’t like, aren’t good at, and know nothing about?

So, finding your niche seems constricting, at least to me. But it’s quite liberating. What do you just not love and/or can’t do? Maybe start there instead of limiting yourself from the other side.


What are you thinking after reading this post? What is your response to these thoughts?

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