Case Study on a Blog

Many of my blogs on this site run along the same topics as the blogs I write for a web development company. Sometimes I even sacrifice a blog for my client. But it still has to be rewritten in the client’s voice and for the client’s purposes.

Here are the decisions I have made for writing blogs for this specific web development company.


The target audience is small business owners and middle management who are attempting to DIY their website.


The blog provides DIY tips to hep others create quality work while delineating amateur and professional web development.


Blogs are fairly narrative, first person, SEO content reasonable, and aim for 500-750 words.


The web development company has a solid brand, but their website needed the copy to align. Every blog was written with the following brand in mind:

  • real people
  • who love what they do
  • are great at what they do
  • have an incredible amount of experience
  • want to see people succeed
  • help people to succeed
  • are a bit quirky/stylish
  • ruggedly handsome and charming


I would like to strategize connecting to other experts in web development, branding, etc. to increase legitimacy and, ideally, attract other web developers to work on projects together.