Writing and Editing Services

Tara is a great writer and editor, but she’s also a ready and passionate learner and a creative problem solver. Having experience in K-12 and higher education, non-profit management and commercial communications, Tara brings a varied and thoughtful menu of skills.

Tara has an excellent gift for seeing both the bigger picture and the way intricacies work together for a common goal. Her experience has opened her to a range of possibilities for development regarding both industry, media and audience.

Menu of Services

The following services are general and may be applied to most projects. Additional clarification of services and fees will be negotiated depending on project, and a description of the service will be included in the contract. Adjustments in services by either party will require amendments to the existing contract or a new contract.

The following terms will be used to identify specific parties:

The contractor is the party providing one or more of the services provided below.

The client is the party seeking this service and includes the person with final say in the relationship (at any level) and/or designated liaisons (indicated in the contract).

Services are, in general, provided in progressive stages. In general,one service cannot be provided until tasks in preceding services have been established/completed.

Services* provided by the contractor may include:


Project management/director- Oversees a project with significant authority regarding direction, resources (including human resources), and timeline. This role does not include direct financial management, recruitment, legal services or marketing, but does consult with and oversee others in those roles.

Production– Oversees creative aspects of project including writing, editing and formatting. Does not include coordination of the project in areas of financial management, recruitment, legal services, marketing, etc.


Writing– Develops original product using guidance from the client where applicable regarding genre, format, word count, topic, purpose, research, content.

Ghost Writing– Conducts research and/or gathers research from the client, then creates a document according to client specifications. Includes collaboration with client for editing and accuracy purposes. Contractor does not receive credit for writing.

Rewriting– Considers document as a whole and line-by-line original author’s content and makes changes without consultation of the author/project manager. Additional research and clarification from the author may be requested and necessary for completion. Work is subject to additional changes as suggested by the author/project manager, but at the contractor’s discretion. Rewriting does not include research or contractor providing original writing.


Project consultant– Provides recommendation for project improvement at any level and at any stage of the project. Recommendations can be dismissed or implemented at the discretion of the client.

Structural Editing– Provides recommendation for improvements to general structure, purpose, language, and format, considering target audience, medium, writing conventions. Recommendations can be accepted or dismissed at the discretion of the client.

Line edits– Provide recommendation for improvements on line-by-line issues including grammar, spelling, and in-paragraph structure. Changes to overall structure may be requested of the author before proceeding with line edits. Recommendations can be accepted or dismissed at the discretion of the project manager/author.


Research Preparation– Composes list of items needing researched. Further steps are dependent upon client unless otherwise contracted.

Fact checking– Verifies historical and scientific facts in a text. This does not include Research Preparation as described above.

Resource checking– Verifies credits are accurate and sourced appropriately in text and in works cited where applicable. This does not include Research Preparation as described above.

Permissions research– Compiles sources for necessary permissions. This does not include requesting permission from holders or Research Preparation as described above.


Formatting– Develops document from content provided by client according to genre, audience, purpose, medium and style. Content must be complete and edited.

Proofreading– Verifies and rewrites an edited and formatted document based on spelling and grammar according to writing conventions and style. Does not include recommendations for improvement to content, clarity, structure, format, references, etc.

Copy Editing– Recommends changes to visual elements, consistency/redundancy of language/style/facts, placement of font and art, and appropriate crediting of sources. Does not include fact checking, content, or creative.

Indexing– Creates an index for a project based on an analysis of the work and purpose of the project.

*These services include one time products. Consultation may be requested by the contractor for further direction and detail questions. Once the service is provided, one hour of consultation is provided at no extra charge for client questions. Additional consultation may be considered additional services and require clarification to the contract and possibly additional charges.


Fees vary according to document type, needs, and timeline and contractor workload, but will initially align with industry standard.

Modified from: The Editors’ Association of Canada/Association 


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